when the right choice is very much…not.

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The weather isn’t great right now. Another day full of tornado warnings earlier this week, more historic flooding. This flood’s already being compared to this one.

Every year the flooding is ‘historic.’ Curious.

Amidst this: I am stupid.

I camp in a field above a creek sometimes, and I wanted to know how high the water had gotten. It’s an annoying drive on the best of days, and for the first bit, it wasn’t any different than it’s always been. In fact, I stopped the car in a spot where (I thought) the ground wasn’t spongy and walked to the creek’s new bank.

I was being so cautious.

So, so cautious.

Summary of the conversation I had with myself when I got back in my car:

– Hm. If I try to back all the way up the hill I might get stuck in the mud that’s exactly where my car would go if I turned the steering wheel even a smidge in the wrong direction. I will instead go forward and turn around very slowly.

– Oh no.

Listen. This isn’t the first time someone’s gotten their smallish car stuck on this property. It’s not even the second time.

maybe it’s just me but if I hadn’t taken this picture and someone asked me to guess what year it was, I would probably guess correctly. everything about it feels very 2006.

Much like I did the other times, I summoned a tractor. Sometimes it’s good to live here.

I mean – more often it isn’t. Seems like there’s always a tractor around, though. Or a chainsaw, should you get caught outside and stuck between fallen trees during a windstorm. If you were unlucky like that. I’ve certainly never been unlucky like that.

I’m also not unlucky enough to have gotten stuck again on the way back out. Absolutely not.

(I got myself out of that one on my own.)

At least I had a quiet place to eat lunch for once.