setting the scene


It was very warm at the start of March – alarmingly warm, even. I coped by starting a playlist titled “It’s ~warm~.”

(I’m not interested in dropping the tilde as emphasizer, thanks.)

Fifteen songs later, it was cold again. Shucks.

I wasn’t going to abandon the playlist, though. It was a masterpiece.

give me weed and wine and anything but time, too.

Five years ago this playlist probably would have been titled something like “Go Fast Playlist,” because five years ago I was a person who drove around for hours, mind mostly blank, when I had nothing better to do – and when I did have better things to do and didn’t want to do them – dreamy voices and stringy guitars playing too loud. The speaker in my passenger door rattles when the volume’s above a whisper now.

Sometime between then and now I turned into a person who mostly just drives in silence for five minutes to my office in the morning, then five minutes with my music at a low hum back to my house at night. Might as well make it five decent minutes, I guess.