5 small things I’m reading, vol. 3


I guess I’ll ease into this one with some vegetables.

Creamy Vegan Cauliflower Steaks

A recipe counts, right?

26 Must-See Documentaries and Films About Palestine, Savoir Flair

Supporting Palestinian liberation starts with understanding the experiences of Palestinians and the history of the occupation.

Careworn: On Eldercare Memoirs, n+1

…elder care, it turns out, is not unlike child care. It’s also predominately done by women, paid and unpaid; and when unpaid, it produces the same effects on caregivers’ lives: heightened levels of stress, declines in mental health, and significant drops in income. A major difference is that one can sometimes decide whether or not she wants to become a mother. Being a daughter, on the other hand, is never a decision.

Hillbillies in Higher Ed – Confronting Anti-Rural Bias in Academia, The Daily Yonder

As our politics become increasingly polarized along the rural/urban axis, and fringe extremists and sideshow barkers find increasingly legitimate platforms in our halls of government, we must ask our students, comfortably ensconced in the moral high ground of the woke university, why our student DEI trainings include lessons on appropriative Halloween costumes but not “white trash” parties. Why our writing centers might educate us on acceptance of regionally and culturally diverse language conventions, but not those associated with Appalachia. Why making fun of a southern accent can make students (and staff) feel silenced and othered.

What’s the Matter with West Virginia: Culture War or Class War?, Common Dreams

…Brownstein and Frank imply that working-class people have been so attracted by Republican racial dog whistles, anti-immigrant demagoguing, and anti-gay rhetoric that they will vote for the very right-wingers who, once elected, will screw them by giving handouts to the rich while cutting programs needed by the working class.

The evidence is irrefutable, they claim. Republicans hold a strong majority of congressional districts that have older voters on Medicare, lower-income voters, and voters without health insurance. The class interests of these voters should be solidly Democrat because Republicans want to gut those programs.

But does any of this explain what happened to Mingo County, West Virginia, which had a poverty rate of 28.3% in 2021?